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Jurnal Teknologi was first published in April 1977, then known as Teknologi. Its publications, however, only began to take off on regular basis in 1992.

The publication of Jurnal Teknologi aims to be the forum for academics and practitioners to write and publish their latest work. Specifically, the journal serves to disseminate to the public results of current and on-going research projects conducted by UTM academics in various fields.

As the journal continues to grow, starting from June 1999, with volume No. 30, Jurnal Teknologi was revamped. The journal now comes in a set of six series (A – F), published twice a year (June and December). Each series specifically focuses on specialized fields: A (Manufacturing, Advanced Materials, Energy, and Transport); B (Construction, Design, and Planning); C (Science and Mathematics); D (Electronics, Control, Communication, and Information Technology); E (Management, Education, and Social Sciences) and F (Environment and Process Technology).

Starting from year 2010, six series of Jurnal Teknologi were merged into two series known as; Jurnal Teknologi (Science and Engineering) and Jurnal Teknologi (Social Sciences). Published online six time a year (January, March, May, July, September and November).

Jurnal Teknologi (Sciences & Engineering) is now indexed by Scopus.

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Scopus Indexing

Jurnal Teknologi proudly announce that its contents of Sciences and Engineering are now indexed by Scopus.

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Vol 69, No 9: Special Issue on Sustainable Membrane Technology for Energy, Water & Environment

Chief Editor: Mohd Hafiz Dzarfan Othman Editors: Mukhlis A. Rahman, Hasrinah Hasbullah, Goh Pei Sean

Table of Contents

Science and Engineering

Selective Extraction of Palladium from Simulated Liquid Waste Solution by Emulsion Liquid Membrane Process using D2EHPA as a Mobile Carrier PDF
Norasikin Othman, Norul Fatiha Mohamed Noah, Norlisa Harruddin, Nurul Ashida Abdullah, Siti Khadijah Bachok
Development of Ba-SAPO-34 Zeolite Membrane for Separation of CO2 in the Binary Gas Mixtures PDF
Thiam Leng Chew, Abdul Latif Ahmad, Subhash Bhatia
Preparation and Characterization of Graphene Membrane Electrode Assembly PDF
Madzlan Aziz, Farah Syuhada Abdul Halim, Juhana Jaafar
Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide-co-acrylic acid) Hydrogel and Its Thermo-responsive Properties for Polymer Enhanced Ultrafiltration PDF
J. J. Chen, A. L. Ahmad, B. S. Ooi
CO2 Absorption in Membrane Contactor using Piperazine, Monoethanolamine and Diethanolamine: A Mass Transfer and Performance Study PDF
H. N. Mohammed, A. L. Ahmad, B. S. Ooi, C. P. Leo
Effects of Aluminosilicate Mineral Nano-Clay Fillers on Polysulfone Mixed Matrix Membrane for Carbon Dioxide Removal PDF
Oh P.C., Mansur N. A.
Membranes Separation of 2-Ethyl Hexyl Amine/1-Decene PDF
Bander Bawareth
Removal of Bulk CO2 from Methane with the Presenceof Heavy Hydrocarbon using Polyimide Membrane PDF
N. Jusoh, K. K. Lau, A. M. Shariff
γ-Ray Pre-Irradiated Grafting of Polytetrafluoroethylene Film Membrane PDF
Alamin Idris, Nejat Rahmanian
Preparation and Characterization of PVDF-TiO2 Composite Membranes Blended with Different Mw of PVP for Oily Wastewater Treatment using Submerged Membrane System PDF
C. S. Ong, W. J. Lau, P. S. Goh, A. F. Ismail Ismail
Study of the Variation of Catalyst Loading in Cathode for SPEEK/CSMM Membrane in Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) PDF
S. E. Rosli, M. N. A. Mohd-Norddin, J. Jaafar, R. Sudirman
Asymmetric Polysulfone-Cloisite 15A® Nanocomposite Membrane for Gas Separation PDF
A. K. Zulhairun, A. F. Ismail, A. Mustafaa
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Separation from Natural Gas using Single-layer and Dual-layer Mixed-matrix Membranes (MMMs) PDF
Siti Halimah Ahmad, Mohd Hafiz Dzarfan Othman, Mukhlis A Rahman, Juhana Jaafar, A. F. Ismail
Synthesis and Preparation of Asymmetric PSf/ZIF-8 Mixed Matrix Membrane for CO2/CH4 Separation PDF
Nik Abdul Hadi Md Nordin, Ahmad Fauzi Ismail, Azeman Mustafa
Polymer based Membrane Electrospun Fiber in Fuel Cell Application: A Short Review PDF
Hazlina Junoh, Juhana Jaafar, M. H. D. Othman, Mukhlis A. Rahman
Characterization of Polyethersulfone/Cloisite 15A Mixed Matrix Membrane for CO2/CH4 Separation PDF
N. M. Ismail, A. F. Ismail, A. Mustaffa
Experimental Study on a Multi-stage Air Gap Membrane Distillation (AGMD) Unit PDF
Rubina Bahar, M. N. A. Hawlader, K. C. Ng, Yee Jiun Haw
Characteristic and Performance of Polyvinylidene Fluoride Membranes Blended with Lithium Chloride in Direct Contact Membrane Distillation PDF
S. O. Lai, K. C. Chong, K. M. Lee, W. J. Lau, B. S. Ooi
Poly(lactic acid)/Biodegradable Polymer Blend for The Preparation of Flat-Sheet Membrane PDF
Kanungnuch Keawsupsak, Arisa Jaiyu, Julaluk Pannoi, Punthinee Somwongsa, Nopparat Wanthausk, Passakorn Sueprasita, Chutima Eamchotchawalit
Experimental Study of Hydrogen and Methane Permeation through Asymmetric PEI Membranes PDF
Ahmad Arabi Shams Abadi, Ali Kargari, Masoud Bahrami Babaheidari, Kaveh Majdian
Simulation of Drying for Multilayer Membranes PDF
Zawati Harun, Tze Ching Ong, Ahmad Fauzi Ismail
Effect of Starch Addition on Microstructure and Strength of Ball Clay Membrane PDF
Maisarah Mohamed Bazin, Muhd Amirudin Ahmat, Nurhanna Zaidan, Ahmad Fauzi Ismail, Norhayati Ahmad
Absorption of CO2 Form Natural Gas via Gas-liquid PVDF Hollow Fiber Membrane Contactor and Potassium Glycinate as Solvent PDF
Nayef Ghasem, Mohamed Al-Marzouqi, Nihmiya Abdul Rahim
The Characteristic of Synthesized Zeolite Rice Husk Particles via Different Routes PDF
Nurafiqah Rosman, Zawati Harun, Mohd Riduan Jamalludin

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