Andi Adriansyah, Shamsudin H. M. Amin, Anwar Minarso, Eko Ihsanto


The rapid development of microprocessor, electrical, sensors and advanced control technology make a quadrotor fast expansion. Unfortunately, a quadrotor is unstable and impossible to fly in fully open loop system. PID controller is one of methodology that has been proposed to control the flight control system. Unfortunately, adjustment of PID parameters for robust control performance is not easy and still problems. The paper proposed a flight controller system based on a PID controller. The PID parameters are tuned automatically using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO). Objective of this method is to improve the flight control system performance. Several experiments have been performed. According to these experiments the proposed system able to generate optimal and reliable PID parameters for robust flight controller. The system also has 41.57 % improvement in settling time response.


Quadrotor, Flight Control System, PID, PSO, Performance Improvement

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