Syahril Anuar Bin Idris, Fairul Azni Jafar, Nurhidayu Abdullah


These days, utilization of camera as inspection tools has been expanded. The flexibility functions of camera is good to get different kind of information. This research work is focusing on developing a robust visual inspection system for NDT corrosion detection. An investigation on corrosion types based on appearance features is simulated to identify the profiling of each corrosion types. The result found that each corrosion types has different features that can be used for classifying the corrosion. By identifying the type of corrosion, we can understand the pattern of attack, thus early prevention can be done. It is expected that the output of this research will be a new method of corrosion detection and improve vision inspection as the pioneer in NDT method for corrosion inspection. Furthermore, the system is able to adapt to the unrefined environment, thus, making the proposed system robust and useful for other detection applications.  


Corrosion; vision inspection; Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

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