Mohd Zaini Jamaludin, Safarudin Gazali Herawan, Yusmady Mohamed Arifin


This study presents a preliminary investigation of engine is running on petro-diesel in order to determine the engine’s operating characteristics and exhaust emission levels, constituting the base line that is compared with corresponding cases when using second generation biodiesel that used castor biodiesel consists of 5%, 10% and 20% blends. The engine coupled to hydraulic dynamometer through belting connection for load measurement. The same method will be repeated for each fuel blend by keeping the same operating condition. The present studies contribute as an alternative fuel by using biodiesel fuels from non-edible for diesel engines with standard engine parts.


Biodiesel; castor oil; engine dynamometer; emissionsBiodiesel; castor oil; engine dynamometer; emissionsBiodiesel; castor oil; engine dynamometer; emissionsBiodiesel; castor oil; engine dynamometer; emissionsBiodiesel; castor oil; engine dynamometer; emis

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