M.N.I.A Aziz, F. Salehuddin, A.S.M. Zain, K.E. Kaharudin


Silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology is an effective approach of mitigating the short channel effect (SCE) problems. The SOI is believed to be capable of suppressing the SCE, thereby improving the overall electrical characteristics of MOSFET device. SCE in SOI MOSFET is heavily influenced by thin film thickness, thin-film doping density and buried oxide (BOX) thickness. This paper will analyze the effect of BOX towards SOI MOSFET device. The 50nm and 10nm thickness of buried oxide in SOI MOSFET was developed by using SILVACO TCAD tools, specifically known as Athena and Atlas modules. From the observation, the electrical characteristic of 100nm thickness is slightly better than 50nm and 10nm. It is observed that the value drive current of 10nm and 100nm thickness SOI MOSFET was 6.9% and 11% lower than 50nm respectively, but the overall 50nm is superior. However, the electrical characteristics of 10nm SOI MOSFET are still closer and within the range of ITRS 2013 prediction.


MOSFET, Silvaco, drive current, SOI

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