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Jurnal Teknologi was first published in April 1977, then known as Teknologi. Its publications, however, only began to take off on regular basis in 1992.

The publication of Jurnal Teknologi aims to be the forum for academics and practitioners to write and publish their latest work. Specifically, the journal serves to disseminate to the public results of current and on-going research projects conducted by UTM academics in various fields.

As the journal continues to grow, starting from June 1999, with volume No. 30, Jurnal Teknologi was revamped. The journal now comes in a set of six series (A – F), published twice a year (June and December). Each series specifically focuses on specialized fields: A (Manufacturing, Advanced Materials, Energy, and Transport); B (Construction, Design, and Planning); C (Science and Mathematics); D (Electronics, Control, Communication, and Information Technology); E (Management, Education, and Social Sciences) and F (Environment and Process Technology).

Starting from year 2010, six series of Jurnal Teknologi were merged into two series known as; Jurnal Teknologi (Science and Engineering) and Jurnal Teknologi (Social Sciences). Published online six time a year (January, March, May, July, September and November).

Jurnal Teknologi (Sciences & Engineering) is now indexed by Scopus.

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Scopus Indexing

Jurnal Teknologi proudly announce that its contents of Sciences and Engineering are now indexed by Scopus.

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Vol 71, No 1: November 2014

Table of Contents

Science and Engineering

An Investigation on the Performance of a Diesel Engine Using Rubber Seed Oil–Diesel Blends PDF
P. Shanmughasundaram, T. I. Manosh, R. Sivaprakasam
The Probability that an Element of Metacyclic 2-Groups of Positive Type Fixes a Set PDF
Mustafa Anis El-sanfaz, Nor Haniza Sarmin, Sanaa Mohamed Saleh Omer
Robust Weighted Least Squares Estimation of Regression Parameter in the Presence of Outliers and Heteroscedastic Errors PDF
Bello Abdulkadir Rasheed, Robiah Adnan, Seyed Ehsan Saffari, Kafi dano Pati
Synthesis and Emission Properties of meso-Substituted Porphyrins PDF
Tan Ke Xin, Hendrik O. Lintang, Abdul Rahman Tamuri, Salasiah Endud, Mohd Bakri Bakar
g-Jitter Induced Mixed Convection Flow of Heat and Mass Transfer Past an Inclined Stretching Sheet PDF
Noraihan Afiqah Rawi, Abdul Rahman Mohd Kasim, Mukheta Isa, Sharidan Shafie
Optimization of Oil Palm Fronds Pretreatment Using Ionic Liquid for Levulinic Acid Production PDF
Nur Aainaa Syahirah Ramli, Nor Aishah Saidina Amin, Ismail Ware
The Comparison of Laplacianfaces QR Decomposition and Linear Discriminant Analysis QR Decomposition Algorithm for Face Recognition System on Orthogonal Subspace PDF
Purbandini Purbandini
Integral Equation Approach for Computing Green’s Function on Doubly Connected Regions via the Generalized Neumann Kernel PDF
Siti Zulaiha Aspon, Ali Hassan Mohamed Murid, Mohamed M. S. Nasser, Hamisan Rahmat
Tyrosinase Inhibitory Activity of Flavonoids from Artocarpus Lowii King PDF
Shajarahtunnur Jamil, Siti Awanis Abdullah, Siti Mariam Abdul Lathiff, Hasnah Mohd Sirat
Review of the Role of Analytical Modelling Methods in Riverbank Filtration System PDF
Shaymaa Mustafa, Arifah Bahar, Zainal Abdul Aziz, Saim Suratman
Robust Stabilizing Controller Design for Inverted Pendulum System PDF
Hazem I. Ali
The Impact of Spatial Organization on Locating the Friday Mosques in the Traditional Islamic City-The Old Mosul City as a Case Study PDF
Faris A. Matloob, Ahmad B. Sulaiman
Antimicrobial Flavonoids from Artocarpus anisophyllus Miq. and Artocarpus lowii King PDF
Shajarahtunnur Jamil, Siti Mariam Abdul Lathiff, Siti Awanis Abdullah, Noraini Jemaon, Hasnah Mohd Sirat

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