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Jurnal Teknologi was first published in April 1977, then known as Teknologi. Its publications, however, only began to take off on regular basis in 1992.

The publication of Jurnal Teknologi aims to be the forum for academics and practitioners to write and publish their latest work. Specifically, the journal serves to disseminate to the public results of current and on-going research projects conducted by UTM academics in various fields.

As the journal continues to grow, starting from June 1999, with volume No. 30, Jurnal Teknologi was revamped. The journal now comes in a set of six series (A – F), published twice a year (June and December). Each series specifically focuses on specialized fields: A (Manufacturing, Advanced Materials, Energy, and Transport); B (Construction, Design, and Planning); C (Science and Mathematics); D (Electronics, Control, Communication, and Information Technology); E (Management, Education, and Social Sciences) and F (Environment and Process Technology).

Starting from year 2010, six series of Jurnal Teknologi were merged into two series known as; Jurnal Teknologi (Science and Engineering) and Jurnal Teknologi (Social Sciences). Published online six time a year (January, March, May, July, September and November).

Jurnal Teknologi (Sciences & Engineering) is now indexed by Scopus.

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Jurnal Teknologi proudly announce that its contents of Sciences and Engineering are now indexed by Scopus.

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Vol 70, No 7: Special Issue on Sustainability and Construction Management

Chief Editor: Rosli Mohamad Zin Editors: Muhd. Zaimi Abd. Majid, Ali Keyvanfar, Arezou Shafaghat, Abdullah Zawawi Awang, Christiono Utomo, Khairulzan Yahya, Rozana Zakaria, Yulcherlina Zulfikar

Table of Contents

Science and Engineering

Cloud Computing as a Construction Collaboration Tool for Precast Supply Chain Management PDF
Mohammad Abedi, Norshakila Muhamad Rawai, Mohamad Syazli Fathi, Abdul Karim Mirasa
The Effect of Project and Programme Reference Models in Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) System Development PDF
Norshakila Muhamad Rawai, Mohammad Abedi, Mohamad Syazli Fathi
Occupational Noise Exposure Among Road Construction Workers PDF
K. M. Said, Z. Haron, A. Saim A., M. Z. Abidin, K. Yahya, L. M. Han
Elements of Green Highway Assessment: Social and Safety PDF
A. N. Mazlan, R. M. Zin, R. Zakaria, M. Z. Majid, R. Hainin, Y. S. Yazid, M. A. Ismail, H. H. Ismail
Energy Efficiency Factors for Existing Toll Plazas PDF
S. Balubaid, M. Z. Abdul Majid, R. Zakaria
Building Energy Consumption in Malaysia: An Overview PDF
J. S. Hassan, R. M. Zin, M. Z. Abd Majid, S. Balubaid, M. R. Hainin
A Conceptual Model of Agreement Options for Value-based Group Decision on Value Management PDF
Christiono Utomo, Rosli Mohamad Zin, Rozana Zakaria, Yani Rahmawati
Theoretical Framework of Collaborative Design Issues PDF
Yani Rahmawati, Christiono Utomo, Nadjadji Anwar, Cahyono Bintang Nurcahyo, Nugroho Priyo Negoro
Development of a Risk Assessment Model for Oman Construction Industry PDF
K. N. Yafai, J. S. Hassan, S. Balubaid, R. M. Zin, M. R. Hainin
Embodied Energy in Building Construction PDF
S. Balubaid, R. M. Zin, M. Z. Abd Majid, J. S. Hassan, Samihah Mardzuki
The Importance of Acoustic Quality in Classroom PDF
S. Sarlati, Z. Haron, K. Yahya, N. Darus, N. Dimon, P. Athari
Investigation of Future Building Performance Factors Towards Energy Efficient Travel Plan in Regional Developement PDF
Arezou Shafaghat, Ali Keyvanfar, Wan Zahran Zakaria, Mohd Zaimi Abd Majid, Hasanuddin Lamit, Kherun Nita Ali K. N., Mohd Hamdan Ahmad, Syed Ahmad Iskandar Ariffin
Open Plan Office Design Features Affecting Staff’s Health and Well-being Status PDF
Arezou Shafaghat, Ali Keyvanfar, Hasanuddin Lamit, Seyed Ali Mousavi, Mohd Zaimi Abd Majid
Correlation Study on User Satisfaction from Adaptive Behavior and Energy Consumption in Office Buildings PDF
Ali Keyvanfar, Arezou Shafaghat, Mohd Zaimi Abd Majid, Hasanuddin Lamit, Kherun Nita Ali
Passive Cooling Performance of a Solar Chimney and Vertical Landscape Applications in Indonesian Terraced House PDF
Agung Mutri Nugroho, Mohd Hamdan Ahmad
Impact of Bitumen Binder: Scope of Bio-based Binder for Construction of Flexible Pavement PDF
Md Tareq Rahman, Md Maniruzzaman A. Aziz, Mohd. Rosli Hainin, Wan Azelee Wan Abu Bakar
Effects of Aging on the Physical and Rheological Properties of Asphalt Binder Incorporating Rediset® PDF
Mohamad Yusri Aman, Zulkurnain Shahadan, Munzilah Md. Ruhani, Rosnawati Buhari
Characteristics and Utilization of Steel Slag in Road Construction PDF
Ebenezer Akin Oluwasola, Mohd Rosli Hainin, Md. Maniruzzaman A. Aziz
Performance of Micro Surfacing on Expressway PDF
Nazaruddin Jamion, Mohd Rosli Hainin, Haryati Yaacob
Pavement Material and Technology Elements in Green Highway Rating Systems-A Conspectus PDF
Mastura Bujang, Mohd Rosli Hainin, Mohammadreza Yadollahi, Muhd Zaimi Abd. Majid, Rosli Mohamad Zin, Wan NurAifa Wan Azahar
A Comparative Study of Anti-Stripping Additives in Porous Asphalt Mixtures PDF
Mohamad Yusri Aman, Zulkurnain Shahadan, Mohd Zaime Mat Noh
The Association Between Riverscape and Place Attachment in Historical Cities in Malaysia PDF
Mohammad Mir Ghasemi, Hasanuddin Lamit, Arezou Shafaghat

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