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Jurnal Teknologi was first published in April 1977, then known as Teknologi. Its publications, however, only began to take off on regular basis in 1992.

The publication of Jurnal Teknologi aims to be the forum for academics and practitioners to write and publish their latest work. Specifically, the journal serves to disseminate to the public results of current and on-going research projects conducted by UTM academics in various fields.

As the journal continues to grow, starting from June 1999, with volume No. 30, Jurnal Teknologi was revamped. The journal now comes in a set of six series (A – F), published twice a year (June and December). Each series specifically focuses on specialized fields: A (Manufacturing, Advanced Materials, Energy, and Transport); B (Construction, Design, and Planning); C (Science and Mathematics); D (Electronics, Control, Communication, and Information Technology); E (Management, Education, and Social Sciences) and F (Environment and Process Technology).

Starting from year 2010, six series of Jurnal Teknologi were merged into two series known as; Jurnal Teknologi (Science and Engineering) and Jurnal Teknologi (Social Sciences). Published online six time a year (January, March, May, July, September and November).

On 2014, Jurnal Teknologi (Sciences & Engineering) has been separated from Jurnal Teknologi (Social Sciences). Jurnal Teknologi (Social Sciences) is now known as Sains Humanika.

Jurnal Teknologi (Sciences & Engineering) is now indexed by Scopus.

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Scopus Indexing

Jurnal Teknologi proudly announce that its contents of Sciences and Engineering are now indexed by Scopus.

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Vol 73, No 1: March 2015

Table of Contents

Science and Engineering

Integral Equation for the Ahlfors Map on Multiply Connected Regions PDF
Kashif Nazar, Ali H. M. Murid, Ali W. K. Sangawi
Spectroscopic Studies of Magnetron Sputtering Plasma Discharge in Cu/O2/Ar Mixture for Copper Oxide Thin Film Fabrication PDF
Jia Wei Low, Nafarizal Nayan, Mohd Zainizan Sahdan, Mohd Khairul Ahmad, Ali Yeon Md Shakaff, Ammar Zakaria, Ahmad Faizal Mohd Zain
Accelerometer Sensor Based Fall Sensing for Elderly PDF
Anas Mohd Noor, Hafizudin Zainudin, Normaheran Hanafi, Siti Aishah Baharuddin, Mohamad Aliff Abdul Rahim
Green Biological Transformation of Food and Yard Waste PDF
Mohammed F.M. Abushammala, Noor Ezlin Ahmad Basri, Shahrom Md Zain, Nur Fatin Mat Saad, Nurul Afida Zainudin
Adaptive Fuzzy Switching Noise Reduction Filter for Iris Pattern Recognition PDF
Arezou Banitalebi Dehkordi, Syed Abdul Rahman Abu-Bakar
Experimental Solid and Liquid Propellant Rocket Development in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia : 1992-2011 PDF
Wan Khairuddin Wan Ali, Kiang Long Ang, Mohammad Nazri Mohd. Jaafar
The Effects Of Controlling Parameters On Polymer Enhanced Foam (PEF) Stability PDF
Amin Azdarpour, Radzuan Bin Junin, Muhammad Manan, Hossein Hamidi, Roozbeh Rafati
The Effect Of Weight Fraction And Size On The Properties Of Sago Particles Urea Formaldehyde Particleboard PDF
Tay Chen Chiang, Sinin Hamdan, Mohd Shahril Osman
Aplikasi GIS dan AHP Dalam Kesesuaian Kawasan Penanaman Anggur: Kajian Kes di Negeri Perlis PDF
Mohamed Nor Azhari Azman, Nur Faizah Sabri, Zainudin Othman, Nasir Nayan
Secure Authentication and Key Management Protocols for Mobile Multihop WiMAX Networks PDF
Adnan Shahid Khan, Halikul lenando, Johari Abdullah, Norsheila Fisal
Hyperspectral Imaging for Predicting Soluble Solid Content of Starfruit PDF
Feri Candra, Syed Abd. Rahman Abu Bakar
A Hybrid Model for Stream Flow Forecasting Using Wavelet and Least Squares Support Vector Machines PDF
Ani Shabri
A Coplanar Waveguide Rectangular Dielectric Resonator Antenna (RDRA) for 4G Applications PDF
Muhammad Ramlee Kamarudin, Siti Fairuz Roslan, Mohsen Khalily, Mohd Haizal Jamaluddin
A Cost Of Test Case Study For Wafer-Ring Multi-Sites Test Handler In Semiconductor’s Industry Through Theory Of The Firm PDF
Voon Ching Khoo
Quantitative Hazard Analysis for Landslides in Hulu Kelang area, Malaysia PDF
Nader Saadatkhah, Azman Kassim, Lee Min Lee, Gambo Haruna Yunusa
A Study Of Ionospheric GPS Scintillation During Solar Maximum at UTeM Station PDF
Emad F. Aon, A. R. Othman, Y. H. Ho, R. Q. Shaddad
Electricity from Wasted Energy of the Moving Vehicle Using Speed Breaker PDF
Shah Mohazzem Hossain, C. K. Das, Md. Shahdat Hossan, Sams Jarin
Modelling the Behaviour of Single Stage Splicing Language: A Yusof Goode Computational Approach PDF
Wen Li Lim, Yuhani Yusof, Norhayati Rosli, Mohammad Hassan Mudaber
Horizontal Coherence in Environmental Policies of Iskandar Malaysia PDF
reyhaneh behboudi, Mohammad Rafee Majid, Foziah Johar
Synthesis and Luminescence Properties of Doped Magnesium Boro-Tellurite Ceramics PDF
nur zu ira, rosli hussin, zuhairi ibrahim, hendrik o. lintang

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